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OTEC – Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (1)


Ocean covers around 70% of the earth surface, and its continually heated by the sun, this makes ocean as the world’s largest solar energy collector and energy storage. Ocean could be a solution to some of the human population’s energy problems since the ocean is a non cost energy resource. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a technology to converts ocean thermal energy from solar radiation into electric power, another way to use ocean as energy is using wave power to produce electric power. OTEC system can produce a significant amount of electric power if the temperature difference between warm surface water and cold deep water is about 20°C (36°F), this condition mostly occur in tropical area.

Some energy experts believe that if it could become cost-competitive with conventional power technologies, OTEC could produce gigawatts of electrical power. Bringing costs into line is still a huge challenge, however. All OTEC plants require an expensive, large diameter intake pipe, which is submerged a mile or more into the ocean’s depths, to bring very cold water to the surface.

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